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List of MLM Companies in the Philippines (DSAP Approved)

List of MLM Companies in the Philippines (DSAP Approved)

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by January 12, 2013 MLM Companies

To those of you who do not know what DSAP is, DSAP stands for Direct Selling Association of the Philippines. It is an organization of legitimate MLM companies that is based in the Philippines. This means that all companies that are approved by DSAP is considered legitimate based on several criteria. If a certain direct selling company is not a member of DSAP, there are 3 possible reasons for this.

Possible reasons why a direct selling company is not a member of DSAP.

  1. The company is not legitimate
  2. The company didn’t apply for membership to DSAP
  3. The company’s membership application to DSAP is pending

DSAP approved companies passed strict standards in judging whether a direct selling company that is existing in the Philippines is a legitimate company or not. If you are planning to join an MLM company, this is probably one of the first thing that you should consider.

Below is a list of DSAP approved companies in the Philippines. Most of these companies are among the top MLM companies in the Philippines. This list is updated as of January 12, 2013. If a certain DSAP approved company is not listed below, please feel free to post a comment to inform us so that we can update our list.

  • Amway Philippines – Amway has been around for more than 50 years. It started out with very limited products but now it has more than 400 products available worldwide. It operates in more than 80 countries and territories with over 3 million independent business owners.
  • Avon Cosmetics – Avon as they say is a company for women. It operates in more than 80 countries with beauty and cosmetics as its primary product lines.
  • DXN International
  • Dakki Classics Concepts – Dakki started in 2001 with vacuum pillows as it main products. Its simple and yet unique pillow designs that make this company last for more than 10 years now.
  • DEI- Dragonworld Enterprise Inc – DEI, also known as Dragonworld Enterprise Incorporated, is aims to provide quality and fashionable clothes for women. It is 100% Filipino owned and it started in the year 2009.
  • Direct Shopping – direct shopping offers a unique package of home products.
  • Empower Marketing – Empower is a Filipino owned company that offers high quality nutritional products like coffee and food supplements.
  • Fern – Fern offers Fern C, a popular vitamin C product that is available in the Philippines. It now also ofers Fern Slim, Fern Coffee and Fern i-Flex which are all products with nutritive value.
  • Filway Marketing – Filway Marketing offers learning products that can be used by the children. This company started in 1975 and it continues to grow stronger each year.
  • Forever Living Products – Forever Living was founded in 1978. Its primary products include food and nutritional supplement.
  • 4 Life Research Philippines
  • GanoiTouch
  • GNLD International
  • Herbalife International
  • Mary Kay Philippines, Inc
  • My Benefits Club
  • New Image International F.E.
  • Nikken Philippines
  • Nu Skin Philippines
  • Reliv Philippines, Inc
  • Sophie Paris Philippines
  • Sundance Direct Sales
  • Sunrider Philippines
  • Symmetry Phils
  • Tianshi Philippines
  • Triumph International
  • Tupperware Brands
  • Unicity Network Philippines
  • Waters

[box type=”info”] This list was taken from DSAP official website.[/box]




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