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Network 21 MLM Training and Seminar for 2013

Network 21 MLM Training and Seminar for 2013

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by January 13, 2013 Events, Videos

I have attended many trainings and seminar for MLM and Network 21’s is just one of my favorite. Network 21 events are held on a monthly basis. Every month they have a 4-hour seminar which they call Business Building Seminar (BBS) which is typically held every 2nd Saturday of the month. The speakers are not just ordinary speakers, they are people who are successful with direct selling business. One of the popular speaker of this function is Camela and Nixon Guzman which were featured in a TV episode in Mel and Joey. Whenever a BBS will not be held on a certain month, Network 21 will host a bigger function which is called a Weekend Seminar (WES).

Business Building Seminar

Business Building Seminar is a seminar which focuses on MLM. It talks about the success story of the speaker, the experiences of the speaker and the tips and strategies in building an MLM business. A portion of the program is dedicated to recognition ceremony wherein people who succeeded in MLM by using the Network 21 training.

Weekend Seminar

Weekend Seminar is just like Business Building Seminar except that it is longer and it talks about more stories, more experiences and more MLM tips and strategies. It is held in 2 consecutive days, Saturday and Sunday. Many people who become successful in MLM have attended the Network 21 Weekend Seminar.

This 2013, there are already 2 scheduled Network 21 events. For Business Building Seminar, it will be held at Miriam College in Quezon City this coming January 19, 2013. For Weekend Seminar, it will be held at SMX Convention in MOA this coming February 16 and 17. You can check the full details of the seminar here.


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